Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I set out to paint something to go in Ms. Stephanie's classroom, and got a little carried away! I made her a storybook collection (Cat in the Hat, Baby Beluga, Where the Wild Things Are, Alice in Wonderland, and Curious George)

then I kept the ball rolling and made some paintings of Brayden's favorite toys for his room (Sock Monkey, "Baby Bear" and the Toy Story alien). Those were much needed considering he still had his paintings up on his wall from when he was a newborn.

But now, I can't stop! Michael's will probably run out on canvases at the rate I'm going, but I absolutely love it, and have gotten a few requests from other people for birthday gifts, baby gifts etc. Mabe I'll just have to start up "Caryn's Canvases" and find a good charity to donate profits to!

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  1. You should for sure start selling them Sis! And the charity should be "money towards the new car:)"